What is Vision Therapy?


Optometric Vision Therapy

Optometric Vision Therapy is the retraining of the visual system to work more effectively and efficiently. Vision therapy improves a patient’s eye focusing, eye tracking, eye teaming, eye-hand coordination, and visual perceptual skills.

A patient who is suspected to have a vision-related learning problem is seen by Dr. Barsness for a comprehensive eye exam that not only checks eyesight but includes evaluation of eye teaming, tracking and eye focusing. The patient and parents/guardians will be asked about learning behaviors and any learning obstacles.

If a visual system problem is found a visual efficiency exam will be recommended. A visual efficiency exam further evaluates eye tracking and eye-hand coordination as well as body laterality, and letter/number directionality, visual perceptual skills and hand writing skills. The visual efficiency exam normally takes one and a half to two hours, depending on the age and abilities of the patient.

If the above testing suggests vision therapy would be beneficial to the patient’s visual system, a plan will be designed for treating the diagnoses. Most plans include 25-45 in-office sessions, supplemented with home therapy.