Vision Therapy Patient Reviews

The following are the ACTUAL reviews from our patients.

We asked: How Vision Therapy Has Helped Me…………..  

(We have not corrected the grammar.)

reviewScan 3

Jake B wrote: “Therapy has helped me by be being able to see much more and be able to sit in the back of the classroom. “

reviewScan 4 Jack B: “I think vision therapy has helped my reading and eyes not gurk around. “

reviewScan 12Charlie:”I copy beter from the marker board like to read more. I can catch a football and baseball better. My writing improved.


reviewScan 11Sophia W.: “it makes me read faster and I feel like im not the slowest reader in my class. It took alot of time but now I can pull my eye’s in and I can relax. Bobbie is the best!!!!

I love vision thearby!!!!!”

reviewScan 10Tommy S.: “I feel vision therapy has helped my eyes to be stronger so I don’t need glasses. I can really feel my eyes have grown stronger and I am able to do more with my eyes then I thought I could. Durring vision therapy my reading has improved greatly and i can read then look up without seeing blurry stuff in front of me. I’m so glad I did not have to get glasses. “

reviewScan 9Lily S: “I like to discuss the Book. The Dictionary helped me learn there is more than 2 ways to spell Right, Rite.”

reviewScan 8Paul S: “Vision therapy has helped me with my focusing when I’m looking from the board to my paper and my tracking and reading gym papers. When I’m playing soccer it helps when I track the ball.”

1reviewScan 7Eloise O: “with my reading, and my vision. I can now see the witebord much better and i now sit in the back row and i can still see every thing just fine. my mom says that i am getting much better with my reading i think too from way back when i first started.”


reviewScan 6Joey N: “It is fun I LOVE it it Made Me Read I Will Be A Good Listener I LOVE fun Actives”

 reviewScan 5Abby: “It helped me read betr. It has halpt my eies.”